PEFA Secreteriat

The PEFA Secretariat is headed by a Coordinator. Member Secretary of the PEFA Steering Committee has been designated as the Coordinator of the Secretariat. It is currently housed in Financial Comptroller General Office building.

The Secretariat has been created to facilitate PFM activities of GoN. It also monitors the progress of PEFA and PFM policies, plans and programs of the government over a specified period of time. The Secretariat also organizes seminars and workshops on various themes that relate to PFM reform and coordinates the review meetings. It also liaisons with development partners and works as a focal point for PFM related activities in Nepal. The PEFA secretariat provides Technical Assistance and longer-term support to line ministries and departments to implement PFM activities. It also gathers information on progress from line ministries and local government on progress in meeting program outcomes. The secretariat produces periodic and annual progress reports.




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